Experienced PAD-ers knew it was coming, because this prompt always shows up on one Tuesday or another.

For today’s Two-for-Tuesday prompt:

  • Write a love poem. Or…
  • Write an anti-love poem.

This is an annual prompt. Apparently this love is an important concept. I don’t write about love, generally. Maybe it sneaks in now and then, but to me it feels so cliché. I mean, can you listen to a radio for more than ten minutes without hearing a song of love or lost love? How many times can we write poems and songs about love? Of course we can write endlessly (a love-cliché adverb?); all we have to do is write.

I’ve been reading poetry craft books, and the idea of rhythm happened to be in my head. The unstressed-stressed rhythms, the iamb and  anapest, tend to create a walking motion, a wandering. I wanted to test this by writing a poem of walking a street. Add the love/anti-love prompt, and the beginning was easy.

The Circle Of Love

I see her with another
The other side of the street
Her steps one after the other
Brown eyes looking straight

Our differences are many
Similarities few
But I prefer her over any
I don’t know what to do


Then  stopped and played through the scene to see what might happen next. A surprise! As I’m watching wistfully, I’m approached by a hottie. I’m picked up, all my dreams come true, and life is good.

I’m standing on a corner
Another stops to talk
She asks me to come over
and I walk her down the block

I’m wondering if you’re searching
If asking is okay
My own heart is aching
Your eyes so far away

We spend our days together
Our nights tied in a knot
Clear or stormy weather
The temperature so hot

Or is it? Finishing with the two-for-Tuesday theme, the poem comes full circle and throws the lust for love back at the poet.

I see her with another
The other side of the street
Her steps one after the other
Brown eyes looking straight

Throughout the poem I’ve kept the unstressed-stressed rhythm, the meandering stroll through love and life, no peaks, no valleys, no hard knocks or laybacks. I didn’t concern myself with feet. A spring hike through the forest of love. I believe they range from trimeter to tetrameter, 3 to 4 beats per line. Very fast love.