For today’s prompt, write a poem in which something is lost and then regained. Maybe a relationship is lost and then regained, or a special keepsake. Maybe it was stolen and won back. Or maybe it was in your possession the whole time, but you just didn’t know it.

Lost and regained. I lost most of my vision in one eye for a month and got it back with surgery. It kind of took over my inspiration for the day. It wanted to go corny, so I let it.

Vitrectomy — the death of Smog

Come and meet Lady Galadriel, the wizardess of white light and see-through dresses
Easy to say when there’s no Smaug in your eye.
When everyone wears the gold ring, they all vanish

There’s no point in a sword, when there’s no enemy but you.
Gut yourself from the inside with finely burnished blades
Vorpal the dragon, fling open the gates
Let the white-robed magicians cast their incantations, absorb
their blinding lase and see the world, again
for what it used to be