For today’s prompt, write a poem of what goes unsaid. Maybe it’s unrequited love, a hidden contempt, spoiler to the most recent TV show or blockbuster movie. Whatever goes unsaid, maybe write it instead.

I have written before about my people-watching tendencies, and how people rarely look back. What occupies these peoples’ minds if not the world around them? Of course it’s themselves, and that bothers me. I value people that think of others as much or more than their own petty selves. Pft.

Lunchtime Crowd

Minds on the flow of feet
Minds on what to eat
Minds on the unstudied test
Minds on an undiscovered mess
Minds on meeting with the boss
Minds on the dog you’ve lost
Minds on pretending to live
Minds on nothing to give
Minds on money you’ll make
Minds on the goodness you’ll take
Minds on the weekend
Minds on the freedom
Minds on the shelf
Minds on the self