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The Haiku

For today’s prompt, write a haiku. Simple as that. Or well, if you’d prefer, write a poem about haiku; I’ve done this before. So that’s an option too; or write about poetic forms in general.

17 syllables on the 17th. More or less.

I responded at 6:18 a.m. my time with

I’m awake too soon
but they won again last night
NHL playoffs

Pretty much true. I am once again cheering for the west coast San Jose Sharks, and I managed to watch the first two periods.

The second came 40 minutes later, shortly after my wife and I took a seat for breakfast at Top’s Pizza.

Democracy sacrificed
Peloponnesians at the gate

I have just finished reading Thucydides’ History of the Peloponnesian War, a huge, detailed book. It is considered one of the first authentic history books, and definitely worthy of Haiku.

My third came after being joined by Annette and Andrea, two local writers. We had discussed weather briefly.

Not yet spring, here
Winter missed completely, the
Season of grumpy

So there they are, three early morning Haikus. Enjoy.