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For today’s prompt, write a poem with at least four of the following eight words:

  • flat
  • ring
  • lavish
  • vessel
  • paper
  • blacklist
  • gaudy
  • tooth

Of course, ambitious poets will immediately try using all eight words, but four will do if you’re just trying to get through today’s prompt.

I love writing poems like this. Sometimes I will sit in a location and write nouns of things I see. When I fill enough of a page, I write sentences. As thoughts and images emerge, I spiral towards a poem. Simple, right?

The image is all I wrote with pen, a TWSBI Micarta, EF, with Noodler’s Cayenne ink on a no-name notepad. I then wrote on computer and cut it down to the image level. Quickly, a comparison of modern and old appeared, a comparison of technological and manual. By the second stanza a pattern emerged, not a rhyme but a beat. It sounded good to me, so I stuck with it. Maybe there’s a name for this type of poem, but I have no idea what it might be. I don’t know poetic lingo very well.

Anyway, enjoy.


Writing With Words

The blacklist of progress, is written
with jetted ink, laser straight
gaudy, and cheap

Writing with taps, speaking
into headphones, deadened
thinking forgotten

Today’s paper slides, in an out
up and down letters, stamped
the tooth of the mass market nail

My morning words, are penned
with bottled ink, and vesseled
caffeinated fuel

My paper is flat ice, accepting
the caresses of a fine pen
the stroke of the mind

My words are not lavish
but recorded, not burned
honest, earned