For some reason I hate Two for Tuesdays.

For today’s prompt, we’ve actually got two prompts (that is, a Two-for-Tuesday prompt). Here we go:

  • Write an experienced poem. Or…
  • Write an inexperienced poem.

The word “experience” can be applied to a multitude of things and situations. Soo… there’s a lot of possibilities today!

Maybe I’m just single-minded, or is that simple-minded? And while I’m being facetious, I suspect there is some truth here. My writing tends to focus on single ideas, and I struggle to spread it out, at least effectively. Or I have if I still don’t. It’s all part of this strengths-weaknesses, writer’s voice, learning-your-craft game. Maybe it’s my inexperience.

Nothing came to me, and those ideas that tried, I dismissed. So I took a walk. I stopped in the market for a chat then went to Starbucks and hogged the four-chair tall table. It’s where I write best, and there are a lot of people passing by to trigger inspiration. Actually, I came up with the first two lines while walking. I recalled a conversation with someone named Adam at Big Tide Brewery about debugging software and how it is not taught but learned. You become good at it through a combination of skill, knowledge, and experience. Step one is always test the easy knowns. Is the computer plugged in? How many times have we wasted effort tracking down trouble when all we had to do was plug the damned thing in? It IT and in life.

The rest came slower, but it came. I suspect I could still be writing this seven hours later, and that thought triggered my cut-off. I think it’s my favorite line 😉



Check your power cord
       before you open the box
Make sure your mind’s connected
      before you instigate flux
Check your spelling
      before you make that post
Check your settings
      before you burn your toast
Check your balance
      before you order that widget
Stop being
      such a mental midget
Check your senses
      before you inject that shot
We don’t need more cretins
      diluting the human pot
Check your lotto numbers
      before you toss it in the trash
Unless you’re one percent
      you know you need the cash
Check your facts
      before you cut your ties
Love is too precious
      to throw away for lies
Check your ink
      before you write your poem …

computer repair concept - workers repairing keyboard