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I have thought many futures since I was hauled away
Will I return or will I stay
I saw the mountains, prairies, and seas
I learned such treasures are not all glorious,
That binding words are more likely to fill prisons than free slaves
The currency of freedom should not be a crime to possess

Living on the fringe one learns to appreciate rainbows
But some lessons take time to learn
One does not easily befriend the absence of colour,
When one has been circled by white cars with red and blue lights
You cannot protect what you don’t have by taking away what you don’t own

I rarely see the Almighty Eye of the world but I know it watches
I can feel its sticky fingers in my pockets,
And I see it handed out freely
Front desk floozies beg for it,
But you only demand more payment when they multiply

Self defence, you claim
Fighting for safety is the greatest of all evils,
But living in fear is not the same as freedom to fear
You cannot close the gate on the lady dressed in leaves
Did you know mountains only look purple in fading light?