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Lately I have been writing about my situation as a dual American-Canadian citizen. I do not agree with America’s tax treatment of me and other American citizens living abroad, aka expatriates or expats. America is the only country in the world that taxes its citizens no matter where they live. It is invasive of me and the country I live in. It is anything but patriotic and profitable for America. The practice needs to be abandoned post-haste.

I have read lately where other expatriate activists are concerned about their statuses because of their negative views, that maybe they won’t be let back into America, be put on no-fly lists, given hard times at border crossings, and be subjected to over-scrupulous tax audits.

I am not worried about any of these concerns. Maybe I am an idealist, but I still see America as a great nation, the place of my birth, and my home. I write about her negative behavior because I want her to improve. All of my ranting has America’s best intentions in mind, and of course my own as well.

Should any of these fears happen to me or other expatriates, you can be sure our voices will be heard. I’ll be all over America like a Tyvek suit in an Ebola outbreak. Freedom of speech is the American value I treasure the most. We got here by open exchange of ideas. We will only improve if people like me and you speak out about what is wrong and throw our crazy, creative ideas into the ring. When America steps on my toes because of what I write, then my renunciation will be inevitable. When America stops valuing freedom of speech, she will be lost to me.

I don’t see it happening. I hope. Just remember America, I still vote.