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This will be quick. My mind is nearly completely caught up in my story. It seems I can’t do anything without me slipping into it.

A mystery number of days ago — it might be one or it might be five — I wrote the “Resurrection” scenes. Wait, it’s coming back to me now. I began writing it Friday night July 26th and finished it Sunday night. I wrote two scenes, a scene and a short sequel, spanning 4300 words. I said wow, and I mean it. I think I pulled it off. More or less.

Sunday morning I joined two ladies at a coffee shop to write. I wrote some there, but I also experienced a couple of images. That night I wrote an 850 word short story based on them. After two and a half days of editing, I submitted it to the Poetry Institute of Canada’s short story contest. It’s free. I encourage everybody to submit next year. The deadline was Wednesday. I also outlined which was marginally successful.

Yesterday afternoon I sat at Magnolia’s and tried to step through, on paper, the “Return With Elixir” phase. I have a number of challenges. First, I employ a lot of sub-plotting. Much of it is character building stuff, and yes, I know, much of it might have to go. But for now, I want to end everything I started. Such an approach calls for several scenes, almost one per sub-character. Second, I don’t know how this returning business is supposed to play out. How long should it be? I’m threatening to make it too long, or so it feels. I’ve decided to let my instincts take charge. Use all those books I’ve read where the endings seem forever to get to, and tell myself it’s alright to do the same; because, well, you know this stuff is fulfilling to read even if you want it to hurry up. I can’t just cut it all off and let the reader hang or make big jumps in logic. Besides, trimming will come later. It most certainly will.

So I sat there with my tasty glass of red, my sugarcane notebook, and my Parker fountain pen with Sheaffer Scripps [old] blue ink, and I penned a quick scene map starting with the Resurrections Scenes. I read it, ran through it, sipped some wine, and smiled. Yes, I felt happy.

The interesting part for me was taking two scenes from earlier sections and turning them into Elixir or resolution scenes. It means some extra editing, but generally they transferred wholesale. I wrote the one new scene today. This scene needed to tie just about the whole book together, the plot lines, the themes, the character transformations. It’s an important scene. And the good part of this story, the reason I’m posting this blog, is I think I pulled it off. I became my character, walked into the location, and created a tense conversation that felt completely logical. Yes, hopefully, maybe, the scene shuffling is finished. I may have one or two to insert, but overall, it’s ready to be copyedited. Just about. I can’t wait. It fucking needs it.