Robert Lee Brewer’s Poetic Asides Blog

I think today’s prompt, fragile, was one of the best ever. It’s great reading and was a lot of fun. Here are my attempts.

Fragile Heart

His love felt … reserved. He held something back.
Hidden in a drawer he didn’t know how to open.
He wanted to tell her, say those words of committment, with conviction
From his heart with feeling
But his lips remained silent, tight like the pockets over his hands
And this possible life of happiness and meaning walked away.

Driveway Ice

It lies flat, silent, small
sullen and still in the quiet winter morning
blue clouds guard it’s mood, its life
it hides from the day’s glory that is death
to a sheen longing for acceptance
laying in its bed, hugging its only friend, a shallow relationship
the hard black asphalt yearning for its own attention
that bottom dweller who reaches for warmth and life and love
a selfish brute who cares not for delicacy
and the hitchhiker shivers at the sound of the unknown, studded weight
It’s too afraid to scream but explodes in agony
under the morning’s Accord