This story bothers me, and I’m typing these words in exploration of my own feelings on the situation. In a nutshell”

– Buddy is upset at his treatment of a gay friend

– Decides to pose as a gay person for a year to live in their shoes

– Learns and experiences both what the gay community lives like, to a point

– Experiences what his evangelical community’s response is

– Writes a book and presumably sells a lot of copies

When you get right down to it, he lied. He lied to the gay community, to his lesbian friend whom he was sorry he hurt, to his family, and to his evangelical community.

The last I heard, Lying was considered a sin. He has hurt the gay community, he has hurt his family, and he has hurt his evangelical community.
Yes, there are swaths of prejudice against gays that need dismantling. He was wrong, his family was wrong, and his church as a whole was wrong. But you can’t fix wrongs with wrongs. Two wrongs don’t make a right is not a simple literary cliché. It is truth. In no way do I respect Buddy for lying to everybody.

For his next experiment, I suggest sitting alone on top of a mountain for fifty years.