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Been working hard on novelling, reading, and improving my vocabulary. I’ve also been making fermented saurkraut and salsa. Oh my, I do love fermented salsa.

I have started a Wednesday night writers group. We meet for a couple of hours at the library, and we try writing to the Wednesday poetry prompt, and we don’t limit it to poetry. I’m feeling like I’m loosening up a bit in my writing. The words are flowing a little freer lately. I hope you enjoy these two.


For today’s prompt, write a trespassing poem. Your poem can be written from either side of the fence or take an impartial view from the sidelines.


In a Cemetary

Leaning softly arm around arm
Shoulder against shoulder
Backs against granite
Hands gently squeezing
Warm cans of beer


When The Night Falls

When the night falls hard like
The last wheelbarrow of stones dumped behind the barn
Picked from the field
Rocks our oxen stumble over and plough blade chips on
Or catches and halts us in the wet dirt
When that last light at Yoder’s fades and
The whippoorwill sings
When the mosquitos tresspass into your room
And you chase them with your only book
Your Huckleberry Finn swatter
And your head sinks into that feather pillow
Unable to lift itself from the fall
You know it was a good day