Jimmy Moore at Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Blog included me on his list of new low carb bloggers list for August 2012. If you don’t know Jimmy or have never listened to one of his podcasts, I encourage you to do so. He’s a sweet man, intelligent, and open to all points of view. He’s one of the big drivers in the low carb world but his number one goal is like mine: discover the truths. Neither of us cares about doing what’s right just because we believe in it. We like to examine all sides of arguments. We like to strip things down and see the naked truth.

For those people refered here by Jimmy, I am not devoted to any single subject on this blog. I blog to write. I want to improve my writing, and this blog is a tool I use. I write about writing, diabetes, nutrition, politics, and whatever else might strike my fancy. I am a long time type 1 diabetic, and I’ve found that LCHF eating is what works for me. No other eating regimen has come close. I think everybody should eat lower carb, but I think each of us have our own set points.

An interesting post I read [somewhere¿] last night about skinny type 2’s suggests insulin resistance really may be the target we should be addressing, and high carb increases insulin resistance. But don’t assume IR makes us all fat. IR is not a blanket. IR fluctuates in the various tissues differently. In fat people, IR makes them fatter. In skinny people, IR directs food to muscle. But the outcomes may be the same: the pancreas becomes overloaded, triglycerides rise, LDL become small and oxidized, inflammation rises, and we get sick. Vegans, marathoners, and healthy looking everyday skinny people are not immune from western diseases. It’s not just the overweight people who get sick.

Yeah, Paleo for all seems the easy way to go for me. And for the vegans that will want to respond, understand that I do eat a lot of vegetables. I currently eat about two servings of meat a day, about six servings of veggies, and lots of fat, much of it vegetarian such as coconut oil and olive oil. Last night I picked an early cabbage from the garden, a dozen carrots, and I made a large batch of coleslaw. It’s both a Paleo and a Vegan dish. We have much in common.

The largest thing we should have in common an agreement upon ditching grains and refined carbs from our diets. That is the killer, not the red meat or saturated fat. You stop pushing those unsubstantiated claims on me, and I won’t bother you for your PETA priorities.

PETA brings up another point. Don’t for a second think I or any Paleo or Primal practitioner like to eat Frankenfood. We don’t. We abhor the whole idea of it. I want to re-establish our natural relationship with food. I want to be able to eat food that is as natural as possible, and that is what I shop for. I don’t buy much grocery store meat at all. Mine comes from a butcher who only deals in locally grown, pastured animals, ethically treated animals.

And I also don’t buy your global warming bullshit (that’s a pun, btw). Tens of millions of acres of land have been basically destroyed by crop farming. There are about five thousand micro-organisms per gram of healthy topsoil. On the standard Iowa corn farm, there’s close to zero. The Gulf of Mexico houses one of the largest of many dead zones in the oceans, all because of fertilizer to grow food. How sustainable is that? If the oceans die, we all die. It’s a simple relationship to understand. Global warming will change things. Ocean death will kill the planet.

Can we feed 7 billion people with Paleo? Probably not. This is one of the topics I’ve blogged about but have deleted. It’s a topic that makes everybody upset, including me. I don’t know how to write about population control in a way to make anybody happy.

So if you are reading this far, I commend you for also searching for truths. Good luck, and you may enjoy this post. https://cafemoi.wordpress.com/2012/07/26/wont-that-high-fat-diet-raise-your-cholesterol/