I’ve concluded that when I write during NaNoWriMo that I write complete and utter crap.

That’s not true. Since June 27th I’ve edited almost 20,000 words of my novel. I haven’t spent nearly the hours I’ve wanted to on it, but I’ve gone through more than I expected to. This last sentence should tell you I’ve written a lot of good words.

My words were lousy. I can’t believe how bad they were. My character cursed a blue streak on every other page, she talked and acted like a drunken whore, and my prose was riddled with multiple, meaningless one, short, nonsensical sentences.

My general ideas, my plot lines if you will, mostly all remained. I’m up to 38 labeled and edited scenes, and I can recall deleting only four. I’ve kept about 90% of my work, not my words but my work.

Each scene has been a challenge. The workflow has gone something like the following.
– begin reading
– feel sick about my writing
– play Zynga Poker, make some coffee, or weed my garden
– finish reading it
– start slashing, rewriting, slap myself in head
– cut the words that don’t fit my new outline
– fill in the gaps
– play Zynga Poker, make some coffee, or weed my garden
– sleep, drink wine or whiskey, maybe eat
– exercise (2hrs a day for last four)
– re-read and expand on tension, character, plot, and scenery
– re-read and ‘listen’ for gaps
– fill in holes
– re-read and listen to voice
– fill in holes

Simple, huh?

My story is taking shape as a story. I realize the first dump i merely an emotional outline. I am not disregarding those initial emotions, but I am not being lenient either. My delete key is highly used. My total word count since the 27th has gone from 100,518 up to a high of 101,879 and down to a current 99,742. I’m 67% through my first edit with 32,717 left to hack and slash.

It’s been bloody hot and humid all week. Yeah, suck it up Canuck, you might say. 85F – 90F is nothing you say. Well, you probably have air conditioning. Barely anybody in my town even owns one. Two months from now we’ll be looking for our first frost.

I still think I have a best seller, but I need a good editor. Someone who knows how to finish a book properly. The story is … Yup, I know I have a story here. Back to work … back to learning this craft the hard way, the only way 😉