I’ve worked on the same section of scenes, mostly two, all weekend; though the amount of time at the keyboard was only around four or five hours total. I spent a lot of time thinking and rethinking, writing, then rethinking some more. I had my greatest thoughts this morning in the shower, decided to skip church, went to the Magnolia Café instead, and wrote for an hour.

I couldn’t believe how badly I had written these scenes. It was last November for NaNoWriMo, so the poor quality is exucible, but I remember one paragraph as my favorite of the story. I read it again nd it barely made any sense.

I realize my mind fills in words that aren’t there sometimes, and I suspect Microsoft changes words on me. Today for example a snetence was supposed to use the word ‘even’ such as ‘We went to the beach even though it was cold and rainy.’ The word ‘every’ cannot be a typing mistake. The Y is two keys north of the N. How do these mistakes happen? They happen a lot.

My writing this weekend first focused on the big picture of the scene. I revalidated facts and timelines and actions. I re-constructed them somewhat to make more sense. Then I put them away but thought about them in quiet moments.

The next time I read through it, I couldn’t believe how bad it was. Some of the senetences didn’t even make sense. So I re-wrote much of it again.

I repeated again, but got a little deeper. I’d left questions and gaps, so I filled them in. I tried to add dialogue where I could, but I also ended up with a lot of internal thought.

I repeated this last step a couple of times with half-day breaks.

The lousy writing really bothered me, and I think it made me focus harder at each attempt. This morning’s, this afternoon’s, and my just finished evening sessions felt tight: pain then strain then gain.

I also fleshed out some thoughts on my next scenes: the whys. Why am I writing them and what do I want to show?

I feel good about the quality I wrote this weekend. I feel I accomplished something. I also feel good about what I will write this week, assuming I get the chance. I know I will, though. I will make the time and find my zone, my focus. I feel it.

I’m 115 words shy of 100,000.