This 99%, whomever they are, act like they include everybody but the very rich. They sound like they are the downtrodden, the stepped upon, and the run over by steam rollers. Isn’t that their definition of Occupied? The 99% have sounded like this for the last year, and frankly, I’m getting tired of their whining.

What have they done about it? Well, they’ve rallied and camped and rallied and rallied some more. They’ve distributed a lot of pictures on all the social media outlets, and they’ve written endless rhetorical articles, blogs, and miscellaneous diatribes.

The 99% Doing Their Thing

The 99% Doing Their Thing

I’m kind of sick of this one grand miscellaneous diatribe. It’s wearing a little thin.

Seriously folks, it’s time to put up or shut up. It’s time to do something constructive. If you are really serious about what you are spouting off about, then it’s time to take truly positive action. I might believe you if there’s something I can see and touch and read that indicates positive action. I can’t get behind someone complaining about all the rain, but I can step beside someone stacking sandbags trying to save their house. I can definitely help someone sandbag their castle, and I don’t really care what the castle looks like. It might be a mansion and it might be a shack, but if the person cares enough to work hard at saving it, if that person is willing to step up and risk his ass to try and save his own home or tent or whatever it may be they occupy, then I’m willing to step up and help him, or her.

Right now I’m wondering who to vote for. I’m not a registered member of any party. I have few political loyalties. My vote will go to whom I think cares about their castle the most, but this is what I see: I see one man sitting in his limo talking on his cell phone and I see another man sitting in his limo talking on his cell phone. I can’t help but wonder if they are talking to each other, or if they are calling someone to come and sandbag their castles against the flood of ninety nine percenters.

What I’m really waiting for are the 99% to come and show themselves. I’m waiting for those ninety nine dump trucks driven by, occupided by even, the 99% to pull up with their loads and show how real men and women can save their own castles. Is it too much to expect the 99% to step up, maybe create a new, truly representational party, find that new representational candidate, and vote him into power? Is it too much to expect these 99% to step up and take action where it counts?

I guess I’ll just have to flip a coin. Heads for the guy that talks out of the left side of his mouth and tails for the other guy that talks out of the right side of his mouth.  I think it’s a ninety nine percent chance I’ll make the wrong choice. It’s ninety nine percent certain there won’t be a candidate that speaks the truth. It’s ninety nine percent true the White House won’t be filled with truthfulness.

I’m ninety nine percent sure I’m going to be disappointed with this election result.