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I wrote a blog post, but I’m not sure I will post it. I need to ponder for awhile. I need to calm down before I read it again. I need a good rant:

Our world is filled with tension
the kind that bothers you, grates on you,
rips your mind apart.
Avoid eating bad fat, they say
as all that sugar you guzzle gets turned into
an even worse form.

Can’t you people see clearly?
Can’t you understand that those of us who question
really want to know the truth
and are not prone to conspiracy?
Can’t you see that government policy to
make people’s lives better
usually makes them worse?

You need to compete.
You need freedom to spend and employ and improve.
You need freedom to make your own life decisions.
People who need help should only be helped by people that want to help.
Apparently not everybody is helpful.
Apparently not everybody cares.
Yet the uncaring are morally and politically right.

And you. You think sitting in a park sucking back sodas
and waving flags of justice and sharing
will actually make the world a better place.
You not only want me to respect your decision to live a low life
but you want me to pay for it.
Get off your asses and make the world better by doing something.

We have too many people on this planet,
all seven billion of us agree,
but no two of us do,
and nobody wants to act,
nobody wants to control populations.
It’s wrong to plan people’s lives.
It’s wrong to play God.
Is it wrong to set humanity up for reset?